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Заявку на получения стипендии подать до 1 мая 2016 года
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Maastricht School of Management

The Maastricht MBA is a joint initiative of Maastricht School of Management and Maastricht University School of Business and Economics (SBE). The full-time, residential MaastrichtMBA has been developed for managers and entrepreneurs, who have a passion for the challenges of managing and leading organizations in a multicultural, global context.

Bachelor's degree
 IELTS 6,5/ TOEFL iBT 88, 570 paper-based 
GMAT (Min score 600 or equivalent), GRE (600)
MBA: at least 3 years of working experience; MiM: no, working experience is not a requirement

OTS application form
CV in English
2 recommendation letters
Motivation letter in English (Motivation letter describing how studying at MSM will enable candidate to make a difference in his/her home country)
Submit scanned copies of the documents to ots@nesorussia.org. Application deadline is 1 April 2016.

More about Maastricht MBA
The program combines the latest management thinking with practice and applied research, with an emphasis on leading and managing in multicultural settings. It is ranked # 2 in the Netherlands according Eduniversal’s Best Masters ranking, internationally accredited by NVAO, ACBSP, IACBE and AMBA, and draws on MSM’s 60-year experience in management and business education. It was nominated for the 2014 Nuffic Orange Carpet Award and MSM is one of the four finalists for the Association of MBA’s MBA Innovation Award 2014.

Why choose the full-time residential MBA?
Invest in your future - The one-year MSM MBA prepares you to take up leading and challenging positions in the private or public sector, or to successfully start your own entrepreneurial venture.

Develop your global leadership skills
Global and multicultural leadership skills are vital assets for today’s managers. The more than two dozen nationalities represented in a typical MSM MBA class create a stimulating learning environment helping you develop your global and multicultural leadership skills and expand your global network. Maastricht’s proximity to other major European countries and MSM’s global network of partner institutions, including partnership of the Global Business School Network (GBSN) only add to our attractiveness as an international management school.

Be responsible
MSM subscribes to the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME). With Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and business ethics constituting an integral part of the MBA curriculum, you will be trained to become a responsible and effective manager.

Get access to our broad business network- MSM’s strong links to the business community will give you exposure to the best companies and organizations in the region through:
• an international management mentorship program, linking our MBA students to representatives of the local/regional business community;
• the MBA Business Colloquium, featuring guest lectures by business representatives on a subject directly linked to the MBA course topic;
• work visits to regional companies and organizations.

More about Master in Management programme
The MSM Master in Management program is a one-year full-time program targeting recent graduates as well as young professionals with the ambition to pursue leading positions in the competitive global market place.

Why choose the MSM Master in Management?
Increase your career perspective
In the current competitive job market it is hard to stand out from the crowd. The MSM Master in Management provides you with a first necessary step to plan and fast-forward your career by providing you with a solid foundation in the practice and theory of management in a fast-changing global world. 
The MSM Master in Management will challenge you to develop your own unique and inspiring approach to management.

Connect theory to practice
The MSM Master in Management highly emphasizes the implementation of management theory into practice. At various stages during the program you will learn how to develop your own approach to solve organizational problems and turn opportunities into business success.

Become a responsible manager
Our Master in Management program is people-focused: organizations are created and exist by people for people. Hence you will gain a deeper understanding of how organizations that are responsibly managed adopt and adhere to ethical standards.

Learn and network through diversity
You will develop your management skills in a truly international and multicultural classroom with fellow participants from all over the world. Not only do they represent various cultural backgrounds, but they also come from different business sectors, study backgrounds and different personal networks.

Get access to our broad business network
Our strong links to the business community will give you exposure to the best companies and organizations in the Maastricht region, who best exemplify successful global business and management. This is facilitated through our international management mentorship program, a platform that links our talented, experienced and diverse group of Master’s candidates on an individual basis to representatives of the local and regional business community.

Questions about the programmes, requirements, documents, etc. please mail to Cathelijn Gilissen-Kruip, admissions@msm.nl

Общие требования к кандидатам
Каким требованиям вы должны соответствовать, чтобы подать заявку на получение стипендии голландского вуза Orange Tulip Scholarship?
Кандидаты должны соответствовать общим требованиям:
Быть гражданином Российской Федерации.
Ваш возраст - 18 -35 лет. Исключение - программы International MBA и Executive MBA в Nyenrode Business University (кандидаты в возрасте до 45 лет могут претендовать на стипендию). 
Не иметь диплома голландского университета (Бакалавра или  Магистра) 
На момент подачи заявки вы не должны учиться или работать в Нидерландах.
Иметь хороший устный и письменный английский, подтвержденный сертификатами IELTS (от 6.0) или TOEFL (от 80 iBT). Университеты могут установить другие требования, проверяйте в разделе Голландские вузы – участники. 
Самостоятельно начать процедуру поступления в голландский университет. Перед тем, как посылать скан-копии документов на программу OTS, вам необходимо подать заявку на поступление непосредственно в голландский университет на его сайте.
Голландские университеты-участники программы OTS устанавливают дополнительные требования к кандидатам на стипендию. Проверяйте информацию на каждую программу в разделе Голландские вузы-участники.

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